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Red Wine Tomato Chutney

This peppery, robust jam-like condiment makes the perfect addition to any charcuterie board, a superb substitution for ketchup, or a tangy sauce for cocktail shrimp! 

Jalapeno Papaya Chutney 

A delightful and bright fruit chutney. 

It's spiced with jalapenos- so it tingles your palate! Welcome to a new way to enjoy cheese and crackers! 

Charchuterie Board

A gorgeous Charcuterie Board featuring, artisan cheeses (goat, sheep, cow), salumi, DINE ON IN! hand made chutney, artisan crackers, and a custom cheese board!

This season's NEWEST artisan item:

Calabrian Pepper Oil.

Calabrian Pepper Oil Image.JPG

Known as "Olio o Diavlo" or Devil's Oil, this finishing oil is best used sparingly. The heat comes from two types of pepper blends, Calabrian peppers from Italy and also Japanese red peppers. Both are robust in flavor and in depth. 

Enjoyed best on any Italian dish, but also try adding this as you would regular olive oil.

( I use this on my eggs, as a finishing sauce to Seafood, a dipping oil for a bread and cheese plate, and also to make a quick salad dressing).

Check it out and get yourself a bottle today!

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