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The Dirty 30; The Whole30 (Week ONE!)

On June 1, 2015 I started the WHOLE30 program.  

Whole30 Starting


(It's a 30 day program that re-calibrates your body, and one avoids sugars, legumes, grains, dairy, and alcohol in a gist).

As a chef, I don't see this as difficult as many of the blogs, the Facebook pages, or the groups say it is. I have been eating pseudo paleo-like, vegetarian, and vegan, pescetarian (sp) like for years and take time to enjoy the "no-no's" described on the Whole30 on most weekends (or the occasional Monday/ Fridays- my days off from cooking for clients).  

Like I said earlier, I eat pretty regularly in the same fashion, but I do tend to graze all day on my "healthy options" and wanted to break the over consuming that I tend to do when I am home or (most importantly) when I am stressed, bored, or emotional (which for a WOMAN, its like every single day, lol!).

I admit- there are days in which a chip becomes the whole bag, a glass of wine becomes the whole bottle, a piece of dark chocolate becomes the whole bar, and a slice of cake becomes the whole cake. I needed to stop this. 

I once spent 3 weeks  tracking down my caloric intake one day using My Fitness Pal (accuracy is subjective I think, but nevertheless informative for this purpose), and I realized I was consuming 3x's the amount of calories vs. what I was burning daily.  For a gal who is 5'2", I ate WAAAAAY, WAAAAAAY too much on the daily. My caloric intake was that of an athlete, and if you personally know me, you know that  I step into gyms 4x's a year at best. 

So I bought the books (It Starts with Food, and The Whole 30) and got to reading and focusing on food- healthier. 


The one point of this program that intrigued me to the challenge was my overconsumption. I wanted this to stop. I wanted to listen to my body again. 

Here is the premise of what NOT TO DO while on the Whole30: 

  1. Don't weigh yourself
  2. Don't take before and after photos (because it's NOT about weight) 
  3. No Sugar
  4. No Legumes
  5. No Grains
  6. No Dairy  
  7. No Alcohol  
  8. No Gluten Free Substitutes (like those cool protein bars you probably love having right?- yeah say bye bye for a month)
  9. Limit Over consumption of Fruit, Nuts, and Fats (apparently over consuming these things are not good if you have lepitin resistance, cortisol levels are off, or insulin resistance- How do you know? well- just look at yourself- and your level of energy EVEN when you say you eat healthy- apparently, you CAN over consume healthy- like stuff- no I'm joking, your health care professional should be able to give you this info). 

NONE of the above for 30 days. 

30 days. Wait, 30 DAYS?  

(Breathe, chef, breathe).  

I gave myself all the reasons why this date/month, was the wrong time for me to re- calibrate my body. In the end, after reading and all the research I told myself, "it ain't that bad, it's whole food. Sure it's not convenient; you will have to eat leftovers (oh the blasphemy- I abhor leftovers) but it's whole food that one chews". 

That reminds me. I don't chew much these days. I depend on windows of time to eat. Most days, I am so busy working that I don't enjoy my food as I should on the day to day. I don't often sit down without any distractions. I don't talk and have conversations. I just eat.  I eat so I can move onto the next thing that has got to be done; for my clients, my home, my boyfriend, my social life, my car, my events, etc, etc.

My boyfriend likes to remind me that I am a female, and not some frat kid that needs to "wolf down" food. (If I had a camera around me, you would probably see me eat like I'm a contestant at the hot dog challenge). I realized that often I am at the back burner of my own life- and I needed to come 1st somehow. 

So I accepted a challenge- in the busiest of months for me. In a time where the weather was perfect in San Diego (yes, its Sunny and 75 again) and the nights were getting longer. In a time, where I was adding a new options to my personal chef business and I was about to be more busy than I have ever been.

My goal was easy. I wanted to eat better, healthier, and be more aware of the food that entered my body. wow- That has NEVER EVER, I mean EVER, EVER been said ever in my world. Not in the chefs world (unless they are a clean eating chef and didn't start old school like me). My own social circle world didn't adopt healthy philosophies. But it was time and I was FINALLY ready. 

As I write this opening piece,  I just completed week one. I cried once, I yelled 3 times, and I whined all week. My poor boyfriend. My poor clients, my poor social media rants. (Just kidding!)

The 1st 2 days seemed easy. The 3rd day,  I was surrounded in an environment (high school graduations) which tested me immensely. I didn't give in. Not even at my mom's house with all her mexican fixings. I came home- prepared a nutritious meal and came right back to writing this blog. (hi-five to the chef!). 

The days that followed weren't extremely hard, but I got bored cooking without the dairy, or the carbs, or the grains. (See? Told you I was whining a lot the 1st week). I felt as if my food was bland and boring. I also cried one day while I was whining on a phone call with my boyfriend and also while I wrote a happy birthday post to my daughter, on Facebook. I spent the last day almost like PMS-ing. I was angry at the world, karma got the best of me, and I was klutz-like on day 7. I felt as if no one was on my side (OMG- STOP with the WHINNING- Geez louise!)

I learned that I had to be prepared; REALLY, prepared. It would prove to be the most important piece to finding peace (Hey! I made a funny!) Example: one can't eat breakfast at 9am and not have another meal until 3pm ish, go see a theater production at 8pm and wait until midnight to eat again. All of this with little water. Spacing out your 3 meals a day this way is very detrimental to succeeding. I got a migraine, sleep horribly, and was utterly without ANY energy the next day at a 12 hour work event (very very bad form). 

But I made it through the 1st week. I plan to be much better prepared the following week. 

Here is a glimpse of some of the items I cooked for myself all week. Keep in mind, I kept my breakfast pretty basic (eggs with veggies in variations) my lunches pretty standard (salads with proteins).        Cuz' I'm a chef, and I like to cook. 


Have any of you ever done the Whole30? Know anyone who has? What do you think of it? What can you tell me?  Do you want to try it? Click on the images of the books  to order on Amazon. (affiliate links included)





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