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Sunday Brunch Roundup

Don't you just love LAZY SUNDAYS?  

It's the only day of the week lately in which I have found myself having the chance to cook something lately.  

I have been running on fumes lately, but for some reason, breakfast/brunch whatever you want to call it, make me oh so happy and content. 

Here are some of my absolute favorite Instagram Posts that have made me happy to include this Sunday Funday Breakfast/Brunch roundup. 


#1. Poached Eggs and Hash -

Sweet Potato Yams are ALWAYS a produce that I buy whenever possible. They are LOADED with Potassium and B Vitamins which for a chef on her feet all day, is exactly the carbs I need to keep going all day without feeling the fog from refined carbs. 

I tend to cube these up, and serve them along side poached eggs when I want something fairly easy for my lazy Sunday.

You should make this a go-to in your home today! 

#2- Beet Kale Salad - 

Come On! Look at that photo!

Don't you just want to EAT something like this? I love being able to feed myself a salad that fuels my health! Beets have a lot of Iron and also are loaded with Folic Acid that is super good for skin and hair.

It keeps you pretty strong on the inside. I ro last ALL my beets in the oven for 40 minutes until fork tender at 375 degrees (this is my oven, check yours in case it is less or more time). The sugars in the beets caramelized and this natural sweet vegetable emerges- PERFECT for that beet nay-sayer in your home. 

I love Kale. I know, it's probably played out as a super food, but its a leafy green that holds up the dressing very well.

Over all, I like kale because it lasts longer than any other salad green I have used before so it's a staple for me. I pair this with an easy  and top with pomegranate seeds (when available) vinaigrette instead of croutons to my salads).

Give it go, next time you are craving something sweet and different. 

#3- Scrambled Eggs 

This is such a great memory for me. I LVOE scrambled eggs! Everyone always asks me "what is the secret to creamy eggs?" ---- The key, I think, is a medium heat pan, you stir the eggs until they come togehter and then remove from the heat. The carryover cooking (the cooking that continues from the gradient heat in the pan/pot) will finish off the eggs, just in time for a dusiting of cheese (which I love to do as you can tell below)

#4 - Sausage and Biscuits 

Now, don't get my wrong. I love a decadent breakfast just like you. I just tend to devour this more on Sundays. Otherwise, I can't fit into my chef pants during the week lol! 

These are mini biscuits made with full flavor (load of buttermilk and butter), but paired down in calories by having chicken sausage and organic milk for the gravy.

I COULD eat 5 of these ping pong size biscuits, but I don't. At least not until the next time I make it.

#5- Egg Free and Delicious! 

I don't eat bagels often, but when I do crave them, they are most enjoyed as a savory treat! I find really good bagels from my local bakery early morning and add slice cherry tomatoes with sauteed greens atop the cream cheese for an egg free/good carb option! 



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