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Ceviche Made Easy

My favorite kind of day happened last weekend. No, it wasn't the Super Bowl, but it was the perfect 78 degree weather that is synonymous with Southern California. I live in San Diego, and this weather is pretty typical in February. (I know, I am sorry if you are reading this post someplace cold- come and visit me! We got PLENTY of space!). 

This Sunday's summer like weather was reminiscent of days long past; sipping beers and eating ceviche tostadas on a beach in Baja California. Sounds divine right? Yes, I really love that image too. 

I decided to make Tilapia Ceviche to my friends Super Bowl Party on Sunday. They like to drink beer and with the weather as warm as it was, I wanted to share a bowl of ceviche with them. 

I add a twist to my technique.  I use mini sweet peppers and my citrus is usually orange or grapefruits (or a combo of both). It really does switch up what you think of when you think of ceviche. It's sweeter, and the heat from the jalapenos is cut in half so the kids can eat this too. It's all around go to ceviche to learn to make. 

INGREDIENTS (makes 1 qt -6 servings)

* 3 -4 Tilapia Fillets DICED
* 1 (each) Red, Yellow, Orange Sweet Peppers (they are tiny versions of the bells and all sweet)  MINCED
* 1/2 Onion MINCED
* 2 Green Onions MINCED
* 2 Oranges (Juice and Zest)
* 1 Tomato (DICED)
* 1/2 c fresh herbs MINCED ( I like to use flat parsley)
* Salt / Pepper to taste
* Avocado (optional)
* Hot Sauce (optional)


1. Grab a bowl, cut, dice and mince all the ingredients above and mix thoroughly.
2. Let it sit overnight. (the citrus juice will cure the fish and will tenderize all other ingredients).
3. Serve with tostadas, top with avocado or your favorite hot sauce- open a beer and call it a great day.

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Happy Cooking,


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