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The Marinate Intro- Blogging Boot Camp Challenge

A few weeks ago, a group I belong to in Facebook posted about The Marinate and that it was
“looking for bloggers to join this blogging challenge”. It immediately peaked my interest because I love cooking challenges!

When I clicked on the link, I found that The Marinate is a project from Progressive Nectar (special diets recipe sharing community).

It’s a community Culinary Boot Camp if you will, where you sign up for a culinary package (which you pay for).

You get involved in private Facebook group blogging challenge.  You are entered to win prizes each week, and you have an opportunity to reach a broader audience (which any blogger wants more reach and visibility). It's an opportunity to get more creative with your blog posting (which as you know, I am not the best at taking time to write up blog posts). It provides support and you meet deadlines each week (which thankfully, I respond to deadlines).

This community blogger boot camp challenge is something that I found useful.  I have been struggling as a blogger this year, so this invitation came in at the right time.

Suffice to say, I paid for my culinary kit, I registered and posted a quick bio on The Marinate Group Page for the other blog challengers to see along with my last blog post entry. 

The rules were easy; each week you had a them that would tie the dish into- which I really liked, because it gave me focus on the dish (I struggle with the editorial content week by week) and the content behind it. In essence, they gave me “homework” and all I had to do was turn it in week by week.


When my kit arrived, it contained a myriad of ingredients that each week would supply me with opportunity to create a dish for the weekly challenge.

Look at ALL these ingredients for my 4 week Blogger Challenge! 

I am so excited to be participating in this blogger challenge! So, let’s check out what the 1st week of the Challenge brings.

Who knows? Maybe it will make me a better blogger somehow and things will really take off from here. That is a great start to 2017 in my book!

Follow me on Instagram to see all the photo updates, and VOTE for my picture on The Marinate and/or Progressive Nectar Instagram's.

If I win, so do you!

Happy Cooking,





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