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The Dirty 30; The Whole30 (Week 3) Recap

5 weeks ago I had a conversation with my friend Alyson and I told her that "the Whole30 would not be hard for ME because I am a chef"  (I think I even said it like a douchebag too, ugh SMH). That Karma, man, it stings like a bee all the time huh?.  I got one week left on this plan Thank you Baby Jesus! Cuz this Sh%t has been harder than I ever thought. (Please excuse my potty mouth- it's been part of my jargon since June 1st). 

Imagine, a chef who can't eat grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, drink alcohol or cook with it for 30 days. You might as well cut my arms off so I can't use my knives. (okay, that's extreme, right?).  It has been a trying week. I have tried to keep this thing fresh and creative, but Week 3 has gotten the better of me. I mean at this point, I'm too far to quit and not continue until the end. But this week, I ate for substance, and not much for delight and definitely not for show boating. (...boring...snore...zzzzz).

I was getting REALLY REALLY REALLY tired of the rules of the Whole30.  I also think I over purchased on our last grocery run and once again was hitting  a food funk and cooking the same ole crap. Yup, I DID over purchase. 

Take note: If you are doing the Whole30- break up your shopping week by week.

Don't go to Costco or Sam's Club, you will want to dig your eyes out of its socket if you do for you will have bought too much to consume in the allocated time frame. Just relax, buy what you need for the week and call it a day. I promise, your FitBit (or whatever gadget you own to track calories, steps, miles, heart rate) will thank you, and so will your body. I might the only person on the planet who was "eaten a sh*t ton of the same ole' vegetables". My body has felt it. I was walking around soooo full, and not craving real food.  So, week 3 I had a bit of slip. 

I had cravings. Not for food but for snacking. So I felt it was okay to do, (I talked myself into it actually) and I ate nuts and dried fruit. And I over consumed. In some instances, I ate this in leiu of my regular scheduled meals. My stomach did not agree with me. There she is again, Karma. That little B*tch just KNOWS when to show up huh? 

I was trying desperately this week to find that happy balance. I referred back to the book (the Whole30) and they mentioned that by this day everything would be smooth sailing. I should have been in that phase called Tiger Blood, when the light switches on and you are like ON! (like Donkey Kong! -sorry, I couldn't resist!).

There wasn't a Tiger in my blood. The light didn't switch on for me. But like a tiger, I was ready to pounce on unknowing Gazelles- and those Gazelles were everywhere. (metaphor note). 

It was almost like that time, when I wanted to quit smoking, so I avoided all my friends who still smoked and I resented them for still polluting their bodies without me. (I promise, I am not this wacky, but the lack of stuff has got me edgy). This time though, I felt myself avoiding coffee dates, co- working dates, lunches, dinners, as much I a could. I wasn't walking near restaurants, bars, yogurt places, or bakeries. Which is IMPOSSIBLE because I live in front of the Convention Center, smack down in tourist trap town. I spent this week being a hermit. I didn't shower, get out of my PJ's, or even make an effort to make dinner some nights. I wasn't pleasant to be around. I felt like I was faking it with everyone, and I probably was. 

I tried to make the best of this week. I kept myself busy with work. Here is the silver lining in all of this:  the one great  thing about being a chef is I have made a lot of people happy with food. It's like their troubles are forgotten while they eat, and I was able to revel in their glory each day, as I cooked for a different client.  It made week 3 tolerable. Thank goodness for my job. 

I was dreading the weekend and when it did come, I planned it well so I could eat well. I succeeded. I felt better, and ended the weekend on a good note. A positive one for once. But I still didn't feel that Tiger Blood. I still felt like I was struggling with my energy and my attitude. I couldn't wait for my final week, as I already envisioned what that salad with feta would taste like. 

This has been a hard challenge. 

What is good way to deal with new challenges (Besides Yoga and Meditation)? 





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