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The Dirty 30; The Whole30 (Week 2)

Week Two (2) began with my boyfriend walking in and responding to my "Hey Doll, how was your day?" as "um...what level of crazy am I going to get from you tonight?"  LMAO.  The poor guy.  

Let me give you a recap: June 1st I started the Whole30. I whined. I cried. I yelled. I fought. That was JUST in SEVEN DAYS. Yes, 7 days.

I started this week much better prepared. We went to the grocery store early Sunday morning. I went to work and worked on my meal delivery schedule (also watched Netflix shows- those are always so much fun, right?), and wrote a list of TO-DO's for my protein and veggies. I felt super ready to tackle the week. 

Then Sunday night came and I got really angry at my boyfriend for asking for a poached egg for his breakfast (I planned to make scrambled eggs). That's when it hit me.

I need to just chill the F out. Like, for reals. 

BTW here is an FYI; My boyfriend has decided to do ONE WEEK of the Whole30 to support me. I know, I am pretty lucky gal- he sticks with me through my crazies, and also is supportive when I need him to be. Ok, enough about HIM, let's get back to ME and the Whole30. 

The To-Do list was easy. Make 2- 3 proteins to swap out during the week. Prep all the veggies in the format that will help to build quick meals, but also aide to help make GREAT ones. So I went to work.  Monday, after I woke up, I started the mise en place. 


My mandolin did most of the work on the mad veggie prep that Monday was all about. Thinly sliced veggies (raddishes, zuchini, yellow squash, tri- color carrots), I made cauliflower and spaghetti squash "buns", Mojo for the Pork Tenderloin (I was going to make Cuban sandwiches at some point this week), Pesto sauce for the herb Pork and for the Rib Eye, and dressing for the kale salad that would be part of the lunch week. I made a fresh batch of veggie stock, and clarified butter. I also diced and sliced all the other veggies that would aide for our  breakfast, lunch and dinners (WHEW! writing all that made ME tired, I can ONLY imagine how you readers feel).  

I felt great!  I felt accomplished. I thought,  "this S*it ain't hard at all!"  That didn't last long.

My energy level during week 2 was off.  I wanted to lay in bed all day long and not have to get up to even think about food (What chef doesn't think about food?). It was a real struggle this week 2. I almost felt as if I was mildly in a depressed state (maybe I was, missing those kit kat bars, the handful of gummy bears at night, my hazelnut coffee creamer, and my homemade curry popcorn).  I was in a food funk. And it sucked.

I thought eating this clean, this regimented would make me feel great (according to pg 35 in the Whole30 book, days 6 and 7 were the "tired and nap days"). It was now day 11 and 12. I felt like The Incredible Hulk would come out any time someone mentioned the word croissant. (I think I even told on o my clients "not to have croissants at home- cuz I'll cut a b*tch!"- Talk about professional [NOT!]). 

So what did I do to combat it? Normally, a pint of Ice cream from Thrifty did the trick, but I needed something major. Something way better for me. So I did, what any girl does: went shopping (at a Restaurant Supply Store), bought a dryer knob (at a hardware store), and went to the lumber department at Home Depot (I LOVE the smell of fresh cut lumber).  THAT seemed to work for me.  That took the edge off. I was able to focus on the food, and the other stuff just needed to fade away. 


Week 1 was all about the emotional piece of the Whole30. (remember the whole, I cried, yelled, whinned?). Week 2 was all about the PHYSICAL CHANGES that were happening on Whole30 (this is a good time to just stop reading if you don't want to know TOO MUCH about the physical).

Here are some of the things that went bonkers with me on week 2:

  1. What the heck is up with my stomach? It makes noises, gets bloated, and feels like I have to "Run, Forest, Run!" frequently. 
  2. My mouth feels very "tin like". Like I am chewing on a Penny. It's annoying. I am constantly brushing my teeth because of the yuck mouth. (FYI, I can't chew gum on this thing, so I gotta carry my travel size toothbrush and paste with me). 
  3. My Urine smells like I ate a bushel of Asparagus. It's really strong- makes me want to shower after each time I go. (It made me so self conscious when I was in a public bathroom at Macy's). 
  4. My cellulite seems diminished somehow in this week I noticed. Or maybe its just the tan I got in Palm Springs? Either way- my saddlebags don't look quite as dimpled. (Hey that is always a plus in my book!)
  5. I started breaking out- Hormonal like (on my chin and around my jawline).
  6. My boobs don't feel as swollen as before (like no longer am I spilling out of the sides of sports bra or tearing off my bra as soon as I get home). 
  7. My thirst was insatiable. I felt like I couldn't get enough water in me. (dehydration is a side effect because of all the nutrient dense veggies you are having, some people feel more thirsty).
  8. I walked around quite foggy in the morning- almost drunk like. 
  9. My energy level was still somewhat questionable. (remember I said I felt mildly depressed). 

As the week came to a close, I started to feel a bit unmotivated by this program. I felt like I was eating too much protein, not enough fruits n veggies- and I started feeling bloated and irritable during the weekend. 

I'm so ready for this whole30 to end. But I got 2 more weeks left. I plan on making it work better these next two weeks. I'm tired of all the ups and the downs. There has got to be a silver lining somewhere in this month.  

What's the hardest thing you tried giving up or changing? How did it affect you?  




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