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Shrimp Pad Thai

Oh gosh, I love Pad Thai. 

Pad Thai Dish from My Recipes.com 

The flavors are so subtle yet each bite uncovers a layer of flavor. It is sweet, and salty, it grabs a bit of a savory finishing with tons of texture. I think of this dish as the the perfect umami dish (a dish that has all the taste buds in one bite). 

I used to enjoy pad Thai at this amazing restaurant named Rama across the street from our condo. They made authentic Thai dishes (owner was Thai), and this was my favorite dish. It's such a simplistic looking dish but it has so many complex flavors that make this such a constant go to dish for me. I just love this dish anytime. 


Rama closed about a year ago. It left zero Thai restaurants in my downtown area and left me very sad. It was last year too that I began to adapt more "plant based" food into my daily nutrition, so I think the universe was challenging me into accepting a new road in life.


Since Thai dishes were still something I craved, and pad Thai being my favorite- I decide to adapt what I knew and make it paleo friendly. Gluten tolerant. Adaptable for lighter bites.

My Gluten Free Version but oh so fresh and so PAD THAI tasting. 


My version of a Pad Thai noodle dish includes "noodles" that are made out of carrot shavings that were sauteed in a wok with oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. 

Here is a great tip: Use cooked Shrimp if you are pressed for time, just make it yummy again by tossing it with melted butter.

I used the leftover shrimp from the spring rolls recipe and tossed the noddles with it the peanut dipping sauce from that recipe.

I always love sprinkling cilantro and nuts throughout and topping it with the cooked shrimp. So fresh, so yummy and almost as good as the Rama dish (well, probably not- but it sure was yummy, and fast and easy- Like bowl liking yummy!)

Want to try it? I think this riff will make you a believer in a plant mostly nutrition.


Until Next time,


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