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Root Chips

I recently told a group of friends that I "save the peels of potato or any root veggies  because they make FANTASTIC homemade chips". My guests were floored.

I remember reading that online via The Ktchn

and I was like, OH MY GAWD! This is GENIUS. (I don't come up with ALL stuff as original content, sometimes I find cook tips online from my favorite sources and I adapt them, with the ingredients I have on hand that I really prefer to use most). 

I have heard that the peels are where all the phytonutrients lie in the vegetables. so thanks to that Ktchn post, I have saved all my root veggie peels. Yes I have made chips out of them, and yes, they were dang tasty. Yum!!!

I always share my pics on social media. This is what  I shared on twitter. It was incredible! 

This is a pretty easy meal to make. Gather the peels. Toss them in a bowl, drizzle them in olive oil.  Sprinkle them across a lined baking sheet (easy clean up) and bake for 15 mins at 400 degrees check your oven in case it needs more time). Season them (like you would with french fries) while they are hot and enjoy them while you watch your favorite TV program. I promise, it's going to be something you do often. 

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