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Roasted Vegetable Soup

I don't eat soups often. It's probably because I live in San Diego where it's sunny and 75 (or more like sunny, humid, and almost 90)!).  Last week, was the 1st week where the temperatures were crisp enough, in which I wanted to turn on my oven and roast all my fall vegetables. 

I love roasting vegetables vs. sauteing. Not only is this an easy thing to do when you work from home, but it allows me to work on the duties that don't involve cooking like my domestic duties and also my writing. (let's not forget all those housewives shows on my dvr). 

The key to roasting vegetables is to cut them all the same size. This ensures that they all cook up in relatively the same time. For these vegetables, since I was going to use them in a soup, I cut them all in half.

I always toss a garlic head when roasting vegetables, I always use it and mix it with butter to help along a piece of bread or to add to other hot dishes as they come off the pan  (like pork chops...yum!).  I set my oven (check your temperature) to 400 degrees and drizzle the half pieces with olive oil and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper. Then off they go. I usually cook them for about 35 minutes. Check them for fork tenderness, and remove. 

I always make my soup the same way. I roast the vegetables, then I puree the flesh with a cup of homemade vegetable broth. My boyfriend ALWAYS asks me "where is the meat?" when I make all veggie dishes, so this time, I added organic apple smoked sausage and called it a day. 

This was delicious! I wish San Diego had more colder temperatures, I would make it more often.  I don't wish for rain often, but this soup makes me wish for it. 

Easy enough recipe? There really isn't anything complicated about soups. It's a two step process when you think about it.  At least my process is. Enjoy the soup and embrace your weather, wherever you are. 

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