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Protein Bites in a Flash

I'm always on the hunt for something sweet. Most of the time, I find myself eating cake, but I've been opting for something more satisfying, more rich (yes, caKE CAN be decadent, I totally know this!).  

A few posts back I made a energy bar, do you remember that? It was a total experiment that I wanted to see how well I could adapt that into something that works, well, a bit better for my current on the go lifestyle.

Recently, I received a package from SuperSeedz. It was all flavors of their amazing pumpkin seeds!

I was so happy to get these from my good friend Joe who I met at the Gluten Free Expo in San Diego. I mentioned to him that I recently made the switch from nuts to seeds and he suggested I try out SuperSeedz.

I have not been disappointed. These seeds have been used in all my salads, in place of nuts to make pesto, mixed in with herb pastes, and also for snacks.

I remembered that when in New Mexico in March, we had an energy bite from one of the vendors at the Chocolate and Coffee Fest which included seeds (chia) and fruit (dates) to her enegry bites (raw ball mixture of dried fruits n seeds). I wanted to recreate this with this bounty of Superseedz so off to my pantry I went.

Make a batch today and keep them in the fridge for an on the go snack during the week. 

I found 4 ingredients; seed butter from Yum Butter, chia seeds from Nutiva, mesquite powder from Sun Foods and Seeds from SuperSeedz. I mixed them all together and rolled into coconut shavings. 


Start with an entire package of the Yum Butter, (I used two because I made more than 10 bites).  Then add a teaspoon of chia seeds and 1/4 tsp of mesquite (a little goes a long way). Follow that up by 1 tsp of the seeds, (optional dried cranberries or raisins)and mix em up! Shape them into ping pong size bites and roll them into coconut shavings. I zested orange and lemon (they were nearby so why not) on top, and take a bite and try them! 


These sweet treats were perfect bites for when I needed something sweet, but healthy and also full of protein to keep me happy and satiated when hiking.

Try them next time you crave a snack. You can add raisins, cranberries, or anything into the mix. These keep for one week in your fridge, so make a big batch, freeze them (up to one month) and take out when you need a quick snack.


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