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Poached Egg Mornings

I eat breakfast pretty regularly.

If I am making breakfast on the fly, my morning consist of this (in this order):

  1. Wake up, make the coffee (after I wash up and brush teeth).
  2. While the coffee is brewing, I grab the vegetables and the protein that I want to use and set on the counter.
  3. I grab a small bowl (this is for the vegetable ends; they will be added to my ongoing vegtable end bag in the freezer for homemade stock)
  4. Grab my knife and my cutting board and dice up (same size) all the veggies to ensure even cooking. 
  5. I saute them all, until a bit soft and charred on outside. 
  6. While those veggies do their thing, I make my poached egg (this step is made about 1/2 times a week). 

My coffee is done, my breakfast is done. I plate it, I photograph it, and I eat it. Then a few minutes later, you probably see is on social media. Pretty cool huh?

You really don't need a lot of time in the morning to cook well balanced meals. If you want to save time, use the dinner leftovers you probably got laying around. Remember food is your own, so go for it! Have fun. 

I am sure you can tell by my Instagram feed. I have always enjoyed eggs and freshly prepared vegetables,

Last weekend, I found brussels sprouts  at the farmer's market (which ALWAYS make my day) and I was so happy. 😱

Recently, my friends have commented on my poached egg photos or posts on my social media. It seems they are a bit tough to make for the home cook. I have always enjoyed a poached egg for breakfast for as it seems to be a good last minute flavor bite to my dishes. I mean, think about it, poached eggs, they make everything just that much more decadent. People love decadence.

If made well, the poached egg is the best kitchen arsenal protein in the planet. The key to a poached egg is to have a simmering pot going, cracking the egg inside a small dish, and submerge it gently into the water bath- let one side set up and then gently turn it over so that it gently submerges again and comes together slowly. 😉🍴 Here's a cool video from my favorite guy Justin Chapple at Food and Wine.

Your end result should be something like this;  

A plate of vegetable hash; topped with a poached egg.  

A plate of vegetable hash; topped with a poached egg.  

This is a pretty easy dish to make. Primarily because it's just a bunch of fresh vegetables of choice that I saute over medium heat and top with the poached egg.  Are you ready to try and make this yourself? Yes, of course you are. Go and get some veggies. Make it.

I will be back soon with another wholesome recipe, but in the meantime, feel free to sign up for the monthly newsletter. It's a good place to get a recap of the monthly recipes, all the personal stories and some fun cooking tips. Get on the list here.

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Happy Cooking,



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