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Me and My Daugther

My daughter has fibromyalgia. So while she was at home for the week (she lives out of state in Washington), a friend of mine suggested cooking with Organs to help pump her system with the iron that she was probably missing from having fibromyalgia.

I've always cooked liver and onions at home and she always enjoyed eating this dish as a child. We both love that dish!

My daughter was was looking for inspiration from her chef mom, and budget friendly ingredients for her 20 year old wallet. So off to Walmart we went to shop.

We decided on Walmart because that is the store she's got in her city in Washington and she shops there so it's best for me to buy ingredients at a place she shops at.

I told her that whenever I work with clients, I always ask them to follow this simple rule: Stocked up on things one usually buys, and then add 1 new protein that is unfamiliar to (for my daughter on this trip it was chicken gizzards and a veggies that she never tired like yams).

We both took inspiration from a fellow blogger (Sandra's Easy Recipes), and off we went to cook the chicken gizzards. 

First off, you really have to not be weird about trimmings on meat. Chicken gizzards tend to have this gray lining that is tough so you must cut if off, it will make the meat tough and chewy which is NOT the texture you want to bite into.


Once you trim off the outer lining, you should boil it on salted water (helps to tenderize the offal meat; remember it's an organ so it works all the time, it's not a soft piece of meat so boil it to remove the toughness). Set aside and let them cool while you start on your yam mash potatoes. I remove the peel, quarter them and dump them into salted water until fork tender. I remove them and mix with butter and sprinkle with fresh herbs.


To cook your gizzards, heat a cast iron skillet to medium heat. Add one tablespoon of butter and 1 tsp of oil (this will move up your smoke point and cast a sear on your gizzards). Sauté the gizzards until crispy and de-glaze pan with a tad of stock and lower heat. Serve atop the yam mash.

The Final Product. YUMMMMMMM...


My daughter gobbled this up. She said the gizzards tasted a lot like liver which is something she had and actually already knew how to make. Since fibromyalgia attacks the nerves in your body, having the proper nutrition was important to her to help stave off the triggers that could affect this illness.

If you have any tips, that could help us, I would welcome your feedback in the comments section or feel free to email directly; anything helps...  


In the week that followed, I showed my daughter how to cook healthy on a budget.

The goal was to teach her simplistic meals to make at home that are budget friendly and will keep her Fibro symptoms at bay once she returned home to Washington.

Give the gizzards a try, I promise it's not that off the cuff as you expect it to be.


Until next Time,


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