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One Pot Chicken Dinner

I love cooking with spices that are good for you. I use turmeric in my tea daily so it’s only natural that I also want to use it to cook with. When I am pressed for time, or when I feel like I don’t want to wash a lot of dishes. I make one pot meals with chicken. Think of it as old school chicken and rice skillet meals.

Growing up, I remember the commercials for the these packaged one pot meals. Remember those? They contained all the spices in the bag, you added water and your protein and voila! A meal for the family.

I do the same thing, except I use a lot of fresh ingredients, no bag with ingredients, and house made stock instead of water. One pot meals are my go to a lot of the week for TWO REASONS:

  1. Everything I need can be cut in one cutting board.
  2. I can take a shower while it cooks (or pour myself a glass of wine and take my time drinking it).

I like to use bone in, skin on chicken. I find that the flavors develop more when I use this combo. The method we are using is braising, so it’s best for things that have to cook in liquid and have a bone. You can feel free to use skinless, if that’s not your thing- but I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t eat the sin. You might be the first! 

Season the meat liberally. The turmeric will tint the chicken this golden color – so pretty! Also, make sure you use salt and pepper. No one likes a bland dish. (Omit this if you are using a stock that is pretty seasoned already, but that is your call).

I like to use hearty veggies or veggies that my other half isn’t a fan of like eggplant. I find that if I braise these types of veggies, he won’t say “I don’t like this kind of vegetable” because he won’t even NOTICE since it’ mixed in with the others (I trick I used when my daughter was little, but had no idea it would ALSO work with picky adults-score!).

The steps to make this are easy. The finished product can be served with just the veggies braised or with a side of grains like rice. Whatever you use, this is an easy clean up dish that you can adapt over and over again. But I think you will like the turmeric.


3-4 pieces of Bone in Chicken Thighs

1 Eggplant (diced)

3 Carrots (sliced)

2 cups of stock (I like using chicken stock when using chicken)

2 tbs Turmeric

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 tsp olive oil


1.       Season the chicken liberally with turmeric and 1 tsp of Salt and Pepper combined.

2.       Heat pan to medium heat and add 1 tsp of oil.

3.       Add the chicken skin side down and cook for 8 minutes until golden brown.

4.       Turnover and cook another 5 minutes. Remove from heat onto a side plate.

5.       Add the carrots and cook for 2 minutes. Add the diced eggplant and continue to cook. Add the remaining tsp of oil if needed.

6.       Add the stock and make sure to coat the veggies. Then place the chicken back into the pan skin side up and bring to boil.

7.       Cover and simmer for 20 minutes until vegetables are softened and the chicken is cooked thru.

8.       Serve as is with rice or other grain.  


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