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Garden Shashuka

Take 3 vegetables, a zucchini in both green and yellow, a carrot (either regular of heirloom) and shave them with a vegetable peeler.


Yes, it takes time but TRUST me, this breakfast/brunch dish is worth it.


Okay you got them all shaved?  (if you have a mandolin, you can use the 1/8 dial and get super thin slices and probably save your hands from a heck of an dull ache).

Set them aside and get a hot skillet (I love my Lodge Cast Iron so it's my go to these days) and heat the pan to medium heat, then add a little oil, start sautéing the tri color shavings, add tomato paste, then vegetable stock and keep cooking lowering heat to low.

Crack two eggs into the mix and cover. Let the eggs set. Use pieces of bread (like this old town baking company bread) and slice it into pieces.

Oh my! This looks mouthwatering....

Feel free to dunk away. It's such a great dish; hearty, healthy and filling. 


Until next time,




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