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Essential Oils and Panna Cota

Panna Cota is really forgiving. No, seriously it is. 

Panna Cota is a an Italian Custard that is made with whole milk and heavy cream.

I love using coconut milk for panna cota for two reasons: 

1. It feeds EVERYONE (allergies do NOT apply here)

2. It keeps longer (under refrigeration) because it doesn't contain any dairy. 

It's jello-like format is created with gelatin leaving a pliable and silky texture almost mousse like. It's one of my favorite types of dessert, primarily because it's really EASY TO MAKE (which you know, it is how I enjoy desserts). 

Every Mothers Day, I make a Panna Cota for my family. It's texture is similar to Mexican Flan and when it comes to my family, they are all about the Flan!

Panna Cota is a foolproof dessert that isn't too sweet and can please the masses without singling out one intense flavor (like chocolate can do). 

Mexican Corn Panna Cota (made every year for my family)

I recently wanted to try Essential Oils in my dishes, but I wasn't sure where I wanted to start, so I reached out to Tara at Essentially Terra. She is a blogger from Nashville, who caught my attention because of her gorgeous pics of essential oils on her instagram, so I chatted with her one day and she sent me her favorite oils to sample. 

I knew right away that I wanted to use these oils in a new version of a Panna Cota; one that would work for my Pop Up Dinning Events at DINE ON IN! and so I went ahead and used two of the five sent to me to infuse my traditional panna cota recipe with a light and ethereal scents of fennel and lavender. 

The result was amazing. (here is the post from my instagram). 

The recipe for Panna Cota was originally found a long time ago in cookbook magazine that I ripped out and made variations on the whole milk and heavy cream. (I am lactose intolerant, so I avoid cow dairy as much as possible).

This variation I make is really easy. It's basically infusing the coconut milk with sugar and anything else you want to infuse flavor into it; then mixing with the gelatin and VOILA- you have infused panna cota.... Yes, it's that easy! 

Are you ready to give it go?

You are totally going to be adding this to your culinary routine over and over; I just know it! (Happy dance happening....)

Let me know what you think- and if you make it; give me a shout on your favorite social media! I would love to see your take on my recipe! 

Until next time,


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