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Easy Risotto

Have you seen my Instagram Feed? It's full of culinary inspirations for you to get  cooking.  People ask me all the time where I get my inspiration for creating the dishes that I do. It's pretty easy. I am often inspired other people's dietary restrictions. I know that sounds weird, but I have found out that when others have restrictions, one is more apt to eat something different and when one does that, you are most likely more appreciative for the thought that was put into it because cooking for a crowd who eat different than YOU do ain't easy. So I love being invited to people's home. I have always said that you can tell a lot by being in someone's home. I love knowing things about others this way. (that sounds creepy... but totally not meant like that... ) 

I also get inspiration from the cooking shows that I watch late at night when I'm getting ready for bed. this could be a good thing, or a bad thing, because then I wake up hangry and excited. I also subscribe to magazines (yes, those physcial pages with photos) like Saveur and Sunset. They always have a story that goes behind a dish, and it's always something that reminds me of being at someone else's home eating their dishes. It's a tough life I tell you. 

There is one thing that always excites me, and that is a ONE POT DISH.  I make this a lot when I am unsure of how a crowd eats because it's a meal that can work with most crowds. It's a Risotto. This dish, can be served warm or at room temperature, but make sure you share this with lots of friends as this is the perfect dish to share with others. It can be time consuming (don't stop reading... keep going...), but I promise it will be worth the making and the sharing.

Note: this dish has asparagus stalks, but feel free to use another seasonal vegetable. The steps to make this are the same, add the fresh veggie at the end. 

INGREDIENTS (makes 1 - 10 inch Skillet)
* 1/8 tsp Olive Oil
* 1/3 c Shallots (minced)
* 1 c Arborio Rice
* 1/4 c Champagne (or non-alcoholic sparkling cider)
* 2 c Vegetable Stock (homemade or store bought)
* 6 Asparagus Stalks (sliced)
* 1/2 c Cheese (I like using Pecorino as my grated cheese)


1. Start off by having all your ingredients handy and ready to go.  TIP: having your ingredients all ready provides you time to sip that cocktail (wink wink) between stirs. 
2. Heat your skillet on med high. Add your oil, then your shallots. Cook shallots 5-7 mins until soft, translucent and fragrant.
3. Heat your stock in a soup pot and keep it simmering. You will need this later.
4. Add your cup of rice and keep cooking it, toasting the arborio rice. 3-5 mins. Keep stirring.
5. Add your champagne and let the alcohol burn off 1-2 mins. Go pour yourself a glass of champagne, here is your chance!
6. Adding one ladle of stock at a time, let the stock absorb, then repeat for 10 mins. Stir constantly.
7. Add the asparagus (or any other hearty vegetable stalk) and 2 more ladles, let stock evaporate then grate cheese over the top.Serve. Enjoy. Relax.(TIP: you can serve this immediately or transport to your potluck and eat at room temp).

I will be back soon with another wholesome recipe, but in the meantime, feel free to sign up for the monthly newsletter. It's a good place to get a recap of the monthly recipes, all the stories and some fun cooking tips. Get on the list here.

Oh, and can you share this post with a friend? That way they too can eat as well as you did!

Happy Cooking,



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