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Cauliflower Risotto

Traditionally, Risotto takes a long time to make; you gotta toast the arborio rice (Hugh starch content rice), then keep chicken stock heated and adding ladle by ladle until it reaches the creamy consistently you seek which can take anywhere from 35-45 minutes for 2 cups of risotto.

I don't know about you, but for me---- I love to multi task when I'm cooking. So a traditionally risotto is really hard for me to make on the regular. Making this dish can be such an arduous task, because you really can't (or shall I say shouldn't walk away from it while cooking- it's important to incorporate the stock well with each ladle to help open up the starch in the rice).


I found a solution; use left overs! Say WHAT? (Oh the Italians would cringe, but the busy people of today would cheer for joy!)....

quick risotto using leftover rice and cauliflower

Use a roasted cauliflower head and leftover red rice from Lotus Foods. Why red rice? Well because it adds a great amount of color but also its mineral properties are super intense which make it a healthy super-food, which anything that healthy makes me happy to ask for seconds.


Roasting cauliflower (can roast the whole head or cut into florets) and set aside. You have never roasted a head of cauliflower? It's so much fun, drizzle the head with Olive Oil and season with dried herbs and salt and pepper, toss into an oven heated to 400 degrees for 20 mins. Set aside to cool.


Cook the red rice according to directions. Set is aside.


The next day, you can pulse the cauliflower florets and mix with heated thru red rice, add a bit of chicken stock to it, then a handful of cheese and mix together. Top with fresh herbs and serve with chicken. I call that an Insta-Meal!


I always serve risotto with pan seared chicken. I really love firing up my lodge cast iron skillet, and cook skin side down, chicken thighs until they crisp up on both sides. Then I de-glaze the pan with a bit of stock and add thinly sliced onions or shallots to the mix then cook at low temp for 7-10 minutes until chicken cooks through.


This quick risotto with pan seared chicken is by far the easiest of dinners, and in under 30 minutes, it's a sure winner when crunched for time!


Try it today and let me know what you think!


Until next Time,





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