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Brunching 101

I am always looking or ways to maximize my days when it comes to my kitchen prep. What I have found is having staples in my kitchen week by week make my life easier. It's almost like having that nanny pick up your kids from school on time so that you can get your pedicure finished and not smudge it. (wait- No, It's BETTER than that!). 

I recently shared on of my favorite things to cook for brunch and I wanted to share the recipe with you. 

In its simplest terms, this dish is similar to a frittata, which is a baked egg dish (the custard is a mixture of 6 eggs +1/2 cup milk. This mixture is cooked until it sets.  The beauty of this dish is it holds so many variations; You can pretty much add anything to it. I can eat this week after week. It saves  time so I can get off to my busy morning. Serve it hot or at room temp- it's great either way. 

Here's a fun variation (courtesy of my friend Edie and  a recipe she found from Cooking Light Magazine and My Recipes 5 + years ago):

 "take 1 cup of leftover brown rice and mix the rice with 1/2 c house made pesto sauce and 1/2 c grated parmesan and form it into a pie dish to make a pie crust. Bake it in the oven (350 degrees for 15 mins) then add any cooked ingredients + egg custard, top with sliced tomatoes and pop right back into the oven to finish off cooking for another 30 mins" 

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I will be back next week, with another blog post and another recipe. 

Until then, take care!






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