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Breaking Glass

Inspiration for me comes in many Roku channels, Cooking shows, restaurant outings, or just a goof up in my kitchen (sans any injuries).  I like texture. I like sheen. I like colors. So I decided to break bread with glass.

A rich and savory brittle is often not heard of. Most of the time we associate it with that fun time you “once made it with your ___________, but just that once”. That was me until I had an epiphany after watching a chocolatier use a savory caramel in her store.


1. Add water, sugar and honey to a heavy bottom saucepan. Inset candy thermometer. Turn on heat and bring to boil to 250 degrees, stirring often. 

2. Add the coconut oil and the vanilla extract and continue to stir, until it reaches 280 degrees. Add tomato puree and salt and continue to stir.

3. At 300 degrees, (hard crack stage) remove from heat, and at baking soda and stir quickly. It will bubble up- don't be alarmed!

4. Pour into sheet pan and let cook. Break into shards and enjoy. 

I made the savory caramel. But I was jones-ing for a different look. I do like the look of stained glass so I thought, “why not a SAVORY brittle”?

I give you a Tomato Glass (aka brittle).

The texture is clean, crisp, and rich in savory. It was different. It was gorgeous. It was perfect with my lemon basil panna cotta. 

Tip: Use Baking Soda to create gorgeous stained glass looking swirls on your "glass".



1 c organic cane sugar

1\4 c honey

1\4 c water

2 tbs Coconut Oil

1 tsp vanilla Extract 

3 tbs Tomato Puree

Salt TT

1 tsp Baking Soda 



Bottom Heavy Saucepan (can use a non stick)

Rubber Spatula

Candy Thermometer 

Baking Sheet 

Canola Oil


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