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Black Bean Quinoa & Squash Burger

I hope you ate well this week, but just in case you didn't, here is a recipe that will jumpstart any day of the week. If you are my personal friend- then you KNOW that I never eat leftovers (ahem! pizza is the exception). I usually spend one day out of the week prepping out my culinary meals to keep me on track all week long. However, by week's end, I always find myself with a bunch of 'what- nots' left and I come up with a off the cuff recipe to feed my soul. 

The inspiration for this gem came from a time when I worked at super healthy resto and made veggie burgers from scratch for a new spring menu. It was a great alternative to incorporate into the menu and the ingredients were endless and always had such a great outcome.

Earlier in the week, I julienned yellow crookneck squash (AKA yellow squash) with my mandolin and took out black beans from my freezer (leftover from a fish fry I had with friends the week before). I always have a batch of my quinoa, amaranth, and millet medley on hand (I sprinkle it onto my salads to mix it up). So I thought, "A veggie burger sounds really, really good right now".

The problem I find with veggie burgers at commercial stores, is that they are tough, often lack flavor, overwhelmed with one ingredient and are always just meh. (yes, I am very picky when I do eat out- it's a chef problem- sadly). So I took all the ingredients above, threw them into a bowl, added an egg for binding and sprinkled my ground flax seed/oat blend into them (I use this mix to bake a lot) and shaped small slider size patties.


Here is the key: Get that pan scorching hot! I can't emphasize this enough. It's the ONLY reason why a pan fry dish won't come out as expected. Most home cooks, freak out about the fire alarm going off, your hand getting burnt, house will get smokey, etc. Just be safe- don't walk away, and always have a towel to grab the handle. You NEED that pan hot! Then add your oil (I like to drizzle a squiggly line) then add those patties (depending on your pan you can prob get 4 in at once) and watch them transform. They relax, you see the beans, the quinoa blend, and the squash just melt together. Keep it there. Go get yourself a glass of water, then come back and flip it. They should have a super nice crust- and that is when you smile, because you are about the have the BEST FREAKIN' VEGGIE BURGER EVER!

INGREDIENTS (makes 6 sliders)
* 1 c cooked black beans
* 2 c julienne yellow squash (can peel with veggie peeler too- you want thin shavings of it)
* 1 c cooked quinoa (or any other gluten free grain)
* 2 eggs
* 1/4 c oat flour/flax meal (grind your own blend with whole oats and whole flax seeds)
* 1 avocado (both halves sliced)
* 1 radish bulb (finely sliced)
* 1/3 c mix field greens (from your salad box)


1. Mix all the ingredients above into a mixing bowl and shape into patties. Set aside onto a plate as you go.
2. Heat a skillet on high. You know its hot when you sprinkle water onto the skillet.
3. Add your oil of choice (when pan frying its important to use an oil that has a high smoking point- I always have a blend of Avocado and Grapeseed on hand for just this, or you can add Olive oil and 1 tsp of butter into your pan).
4. Heat on high about 3 mins then flip over and cook the other side.
5. As you finish cooking each one, set onto plate until you are ready to plate them.
6. Add the toppings and your condiments of choice (I always add dijon to my burgers).


I will be back soon with another wholesome recipe, but in the meantime, feel free to check out more recipes here!

Oh, and can you share this post with a friend? That way they too can eat as well as you did!

Happy Cooking,


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