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4 Ingredient Ice Cream

In my home, we compromise a lot. “Today, it’s your turn with the remote. I will wash the sheets if you will fold them. Country Music while I write the blog, but then lounge EDM type music while we eat.  Beer on weekends, whiskey in my tea at night”.   Oh, life is fun at our home.

It’s a tough life when you can’t reach a compromise in your home.  Luckily for me and my guy, we always try to find one. We recently got into a discussion about ice cream and fruit- We just can't find the middle ground here. We have totally separate tastes. That made a fridge full of tons of fruit and freezer full of so many different ice creams; until now.  

We found a balance with our 4 ingredient ice cream.  You guys! So easy. Seriously. The steps are easy. The process? It’s like taking candy from a baby.

So here is the deal. He loves Watermelon, and I love Savory Ice Creams (you know those funky types that are not vanilla). So we put together our love for both and came up with this wonderful ice cream mix that is just INSANE-LY EASY! So, go and make it.


2 tsp Lavender Balsamic (or a regular balsamic works too) or 2 tsp of Lavender Balsamic Glaze (reduced down from liquid format into a thick syrup).

1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk (make it dairy free by only using coconut cream)

1 can or 1 box Coconut Cream (like shown – I get at an Asian food market)

1 cup of watermelon puree (take pieces of fruit and puree it in your blender)


1.       Take all the ingredients and mix together into a plastic freezer safe 1 quart container.

2.       Freeze at least 2 hours until it sets. Enjoy! 


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