Dine on In!

Cook. Eat. Mingle.

Chef Based Culinary Wellness Programs

Designed to Engage, Inspire & Foster Sustainable Friendships Through Food & Education.

Hi! I'm Martha!

I have always seen food as the connector to relationship building.

It forms connections. Begins conversations. Establishes friendships. Bridges gaps. Opens hearts. Heals what ails you. Comforts you when needed.

I am a career chef. Creating dishes and uncovering it’s potential is a part of my daily routine. Yet, as I have gotten older, I yearned for more than just routine in my life. I wanted to take a seat at the table and enjoy a meal with my community.

DINE ON IN! was born as a way of taking a seat at the table, by celebrating the communities of farmers, homesteaders, and growers with a thoughtfully shared dish in a accessible setting.

You will find me teaching culinary wellness programs to local communities on my days off. You will see that I am an educator in sustainability and zero waste practices. You will see how I develop thoughtful and pragmatic approaches to cooking so that I can share these techniques with you, but most of all, we will take a seat at the table and form sustainable friendship through food education.

Wouldn’t you want to take a seat at that table? yes, you would. Please join me.




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