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Hi! I'm Martha!

I'm a wine loving, road traveling hippie who happens to LOVE country music and pajamas!

Fun Fact: I used to be a really successful corporate insurance gal until one day I left it all to become a Cook & a Food Blogger !!!

Leaving my corporate job to become a cook was something I knew I would do one day. After talking to my boss, he convinced me to "just go for it!" and he found me an agent's office close to my home, with opportunity to work from home so I could put a few things in motion:

  1. Enroll in a culinary program. My local community college was offering a certification course that would encompass the basics in safety and kitchen fundamentals geared towards a change in careers. 
  2.  I decided to form a small community cooking club on Meetup and invited busy professionals to my home each week to collaboratively cook healthy meals week by week.
  3.  Once the culinary certification came to an end, I took a weekend job with catering event company to learn the fundamentals of working in a kitchen/catering/event setting.

In time, I decided to leave my corporate job and just take a chance in culinary. I continued with my Meetup group, but also advance with culinary and event company and was able to work a lot more on my craft leading me opportunity to teach private lessons to a small niche clientele. It was there, that I fell in love with healthier eating, and food education and wanted to share it's benefits with others in my community and beyond. 

DINE ON IN! started in 2014 as an opportunity to share simplistic, nutrient rich cooking recipes and tips to busy home cooks in a blog or newsletter format. It's morphed since the early blogging only days. I now offer lessons, host private events, and even work with brand collaborations. 

I believe in honest, wholesome food. I use ingredients which are sourced from local farmers markets, specialty products from local artisans, co-op grocers, my local community trade group and small business owners.


I Connect With: 

  • Individuals Seeking Culinary Inspiration.
  • Food Enthusiasts on Social Media.
  • Dinner Party Hosts. 
  • Corporate Partners.
  • Culinary Network Groups. 
  • Health & Wellness Communities. 
  • National & Local Brands Who Wish to Collaborate.



Why don't you stick around, we are just getting started.



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