Dine on In!

Cook. Eat. Mingle.

A Chef Based Food Hub that provides Wellness Lessons. Community Dinning Experiences & Private Events. 

Designed to Engage, Inspire & Foster Sustainable Friendships Through Food & Education.


Hi! I'm Martha!

I am a chef in San Diego, CA.

I believe in cooking with honest, wholesome food. I use ingredients which are sourced primarily from my local community of farmers, artisans, co-op grocers, & small business owners.

DINE ON IN! started in 2014 as an opportunity to share simplistic, nutrient rich cooking recipes, tips & trends to busy home cooks in a monthly round up newsletter.

It's morphed since the early days.

I now offer wellness classes, private lessons & communal dining events, and work with brand collaborations. 

Hence, my tag line, 


I Connect With: 

  • Individuals Seeking Culinary Inspiration.
  • Food Enthusiasts on Social Media.
  • Dinner Party Hosts. 
  • Corporate Partners.
  • Culinary Network Groups. 
  • Health & Wellness Communities. 
  • National & Local Brands Who Wish to Collaborate.


Why don't you stick around, we are just getting started.



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