Dine on In!

Cook. Eat. Mingle.

Chef Based Culinary Wellness Programs

Designed to Engage, Inspire & Foster Sustainable Friendships Through Food & Education.

Hi! I'm Martha!

I work with Farmers, Growers, Homesteaders, Artisans & Creatives to Bring Forth a Story to Communities.

Food forms connections. Begins conversations. Establishes friendships. Bridges gaps. Opens hearts. Heals what ails you. Comforts you when needed.

Creating dishes and uncovering it’s potential is a part of my daily routine as a chef. Yet, as I have gotten older, I yearned for more than just routine in my life. I wanted to take a seat at the table and enjoy a meal with my community.

DINE ON IN! was born as a way of taking a seat at the table, by celebrating the communities of farmers, homesteaders, and growers with a thoughtfully shared workshops in a accessible setting.

Our culinary workshops are nods to sustainability and zero waste practices. We develop thoughtful and pragmatic approaches to cooking sharing smart culinary techniques with you, but most of all, it’s to take a seat at the table and form a sustainable friendship with you through food education.

Come and take a seat at the table with me. The journey is just getting started.




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