Dine on In!

Cook. Eat. Mingle.

Chef Based Community Workshops

Designed to Engage, Inspire & Foster Sustainable Friendships Through Food & Education.

Hi! I'm Martha!

I’m a chef from San Diego, California.

I have always loved food.

I have seen food form connections. It’s begun conversations among strangers. It has established friendships around a table. It bridges community gaps. It opens hearts and in many instances, heals what ails you and comforts you when needed.

I am a chef who works with small communities of Farmers, Growers, Homesteaders, Artisans & Creatives to bring forth their story with culinary workshops.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to formally cook as a career but I also wanted a chance to connect and celebrate my community.

DINE ON IN! was born as a way of celebrating local purveyors and sustainable businesses.

Our culinary workshops and events are nods to sustainability and zero waste practices and an opportunity to form a sustainable friendship with you through food education.

Join me in celebrating the bounty around us.




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